Sepia With Blue And Apricot Tonings by Alison Aplin



DIMENSIONS (Height - 90.00 cm X Width - 70.00 cm )
GENRE No Genre Entered
REGISTERED NRN # 000-40728-0151-01
COPYRIGHT © Alison Aplin
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Artist: Alison Aplin



Alison is a multi-award winning landscape designer, so design is in her blood. She has come to the art world as a mature artist, but instead of painting gardens, Alison uses her design skills to paint dynamic abstract art. Her work is bold and colourful, whereas her garden designs, receiving awards for sustainable landscapes, are more subdued. But all design is based on certain principles - composition, balance and patterning being critical to any completed work. Alison likes to use wabi sabi in her most recent works in her love of imperfection. 

Contemporary Still Life is another feature of Alison's work, a style that she thoroughly enjoys creating. There is a zeal to be seen in all of her work that demonstrates her passion for painting. Many pieces are large and most are acrylic with oil - mixed media. Many regard Alison as an eccentric, but it is this eccentricity that makes all of Alison's art and garden designs stand apart. Her most recent works are on quality paper, framed with natural oiled timber. She uses college in many of these mixed media works. Once again, her design skills are quite evident. 

Alison has a gallery cum studio within her own private garden, Timandra Garden by the Sea. This can be found at This garden, with the Alison Aplin Art gallery, can be found between Port Fairy and Portland, a beautiful part of Victoria. Alison's artwork can be seen at All of Alison's work can be viewed, by arrangement with Alison on 0418 825 625. 

Because of the far regional aspect, Alison has found exhibiting her work difficult. There is not the population that appreciates absolute abstract art, that large regional or city centres have. She has exhibited locally in small destinations, selling pieces with most of these openings. The most recent has been a 3 month exhibition at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital where Alison was invited to display her work in the Centre for Creative Health in the hospital in late 2018. This was well received by all who viewed her work with 3 pieces sold.

For any enquiries about Alison's art you can either visit the website, visit Timandra Garden by the Sea after organising an appointment to view the works, or call Alison on 0418 825 625. She is a warm and friendly person, and all enquires are welcome. 

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