*** Hybrid Show for 2022 ***
Physical Show:
April 1-3 at Portland Civic Hall
[ Portland, Victoria ]
Virtual Show NOW:
on-line until April 18th.



The Portland Art Show is an important fundraiser for various charities through the Rotary Club of Portland, as well as an exhibition to give local artists the opportunity to present and sell their work.

Broadly speaking the underlying goals of the show organisers are:

  • To maintain a consistently high standard of works
  • To present exhibitors’ works in the best possible light
  • To maximise the potential for exhibiting artists to sell their work
  • To maximise the fundraising potential of the show
  • To deliver value to sponsors and supporters
  • To encourage and provide opportunity to local and up-and-coming artists
  • To exhibit as wide a range of artists as possible

The Portland Art Show is a very popular high-calibre show, so there is a lot of competition and the number of entries invariably exceeds the venue’s capacity.

In a perfect world we’d be able to please everybody but realistically that’s not the case. It is important that artists do not take rejection personally or see it as detracting from their work.

For those artists who are accepted, congratulations – we wish you every success in the show.